Out Of This World


The Earth is just a start to outer space! In outer space there is so much things we haven’t seen or heard about. We haven’t even other planets, universes, or galaxies that we have never heard about. Also scientists have only seen 4% of the universe. Which means we haven’t even seen or heard about .0001% of the whole outer space! And also 75% of Earth is ocean water but we have only explored about 5% of that. So we have A LOT to explore.



In outer space there our hundreds of thousands other planets that we have not yet explored. Also there our planets that have been seen but nobody explored or even landed on them. For example: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune.And all the planets are named after Roman and Greek Gods.Also now the old planet Pluto is now considered a dwarf or plutoid planet.



Also some other cool facts is in space the skin on your feet peel off and on Venus a single day is longer than a year! In space water does not fall so that means tears form bubbles around your eyes but if you’re not careful you could literally “drown in your own tears”. Some stars are so far away probably half of them are not there anymore and that same amount of stars are born. So now do you think you know a lot about space and planets?


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